Windows 10 update failed、"Select keyboard layout" screen appears and Windows does not start

A PC was brought in that Windows did not start even if the "Select keyboard layout" screen appeared.。

Apparently after updating Windows 10、Every time I start it, the "Select keyboard layout" screen appears and I can not start it anyway。

What I tried

Select "Microsoft IME"、

Select "Troubleshooting"

Select "Advanced Options"

First of all, "System Restore"、3Two systems were displayed。

Both systems have failed。

here、1The second "Windows 10" is an old version、Another "Windows 10" is a new version、I thought that "Windows Rollback" was meant to be restored because the update failed due to some problem.。

Select "Command Prompt"、

chkdsk /f


sfc /scannow



End with。

When I restarted、"Update failed。Undo your changes。Appeared and was able to start safely。