Windows10 Update (KB5000802) Rear、PC crashes when trying to print on a particular printer

3When I try to print with a printer from about 11th of March, I get a blue screen saying "There was a problem with the device ..."、The situation is the same after rebooting。The phone keeps ringing。

I thought it was caused by a recent Windows Update.、I asked some people about the printer support center and recommended it first.。

However、At a fairly high rate, I heard a voice saying "I can't install the driver etc. that I was informed about", and now I recommend "Uninstall the update".。

How to uninstall the update、
"Settings"-> "Updates and Security"-> "Windows Update"-> "View update history"-> "Uninstall updates"

Here is an update with KB5000802、If not, select the update with the latest date and uninstall it.。

Then click "Pause update for 7 days" to stop the update。

I have you do that。